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At Gaff Air we pride ourselves on being the top performers when it comes to maintenance. That’s because we know the best way to grow our business, and ensure our reputation is by maintaining your refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment so they perform at their best when you need them to.

Our highly skilled professionals view maintenance as preventative medicine. Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment ensures that everything is working at an optimal level and that your costs are as low as possible.  When your system is working at the top level of performance, it is the most energy efficient as well.

Also regular maintenance drastically reduces the probability that problems will occur when you need to use your unit.  Nothing is more frustrating than turning on your heat or air conditioner only to find that it does not work.  When you have your unit professionally maintained, you can avoid just such a situation.

The majority of repair calls for commercial refrigeration, central gas heating and air conditioning units that have not been well-maintained.  Whether you are a caterer with a refrigerator full of food that won’t cool or a homeowners whose heat goes out in the middle of a frigid night, chances are the regular maintenance could have prevented the problem.

There is no reason to wait until it is too late.  Gaff Air provides regular maintenance for all commercial refrigeration, gas central heating and air conditioning units to avoid major problems.

Gaff Air has 25 years of experience in the industry and we can provide you with the maintenance and repairs that all of your equipment needs.  Our experienced professionals know how to treat your unit with care.  All of our specialists understand that customers come first at Gaff Air and that your satisfaction is the top priority for us.

Also, when we install a product for you it comes with a  5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, and a 10 year quality of workmanship guarantee.  Maintaining your system is an essential part of keeping these guarantees intact.

Call us today to find out how our maintenance services can save you time, money and headaches.